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The United Kingdom Harp Association is run by a Committee of volunteers. They give their service to the Association without a fee. All the day to day running of the Association is managed by the Committee. Any member of UKHA is entitled to contact a Committee Member and Committee members are always pleased to hear from them, especially if members have views about the running of the Association which they want to bring to the attention of the Committee.

All members are eligible to serve on the Committee. At each Annual General Meeting a proportion of the serving committee  stands down leaving places to be filled. They are eligible for re-election. If a member wishes to serve on the Committee they first have to find another member to nominate them. If they don't know any other members then they can contact the Chair. Once nominated, depending on how many nominations there are and how many vacant places, they may either find themselves automatically on the Committee or their names will go forward for a ballot.

Committee members are based across the UK, so to save the organisation time (and money!) the committee hold their meetings online using the Zoom online meeting application. All that is needed to take part in the meeting is a computer, broadband connection and a pair of headphones. If you want to become a committee member but are unsure about using the technology please get in touch and we will talk you through getting set up. Having online meetings mean that the meetings are more productive, (only one person can talk at any one time), the meetings are usually no longer than an hour duration, and they take place in the comfort of your own home. The AGM takes place at different cities across the UK each year, however committee members who cannot travel to the AGM can attend the meeting via Zoom. In the past four years the AGM has been held in London, Cardiff, Birmingham and Manchester.

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