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  • Zuzanna Olbrys Harp Recital: Mirrors, Images, Reflections

Zuzanna Olbrys Harp Recital: Mirrors, Images, Reflections

  • 06 May 2016
  • 1:00 PM
  • St Bartholomew the Great Cloth Fair, West Smithfields, London, EC1A 7JQ

Mirrors, Images, Reflections

Jesus Guiridi - Viejo Zortzico
Domenico Scarlatti - Sonata in A K. 208, Sonata in E K. 380
Gabriel Fauré - Une châtelaine en sa tour
Johann Sebastian Bach - Suite in E minor
Michail Glinka / Mily Balakiriev - The Lark
Carlos Salzedo - Variations sur un thême dans le style ancien

Each of the works of the programme forms a natural pairing with another. Two poetic images from far corners of Europe - Faure and Glinka speak in the same soft voice, in sounds that awake feelings, melodies that evoke visions. Scarlatti explores harmonies rarely heard in his times, and the mastery with which Bach makes use of polyphony is unparalleled: both musicians going far beyond the musical territories known to their contemporaries. The sun shines through both the exuberant theme of the virtuoso Variations and joyful rhythms of a basque zortzico dance - and it is the Basque Country which both Guridi and Salzedo pointed to as their roots. 

I am very happy that this concert can take place in the Church of St Bartholomew the Great. It is the oldest parish church in London and the wealth of its history, splendid Norman architecture and unique atmosphere make it a place which must not be missed and a truly special concert venue. The exceptional Cloister Café serves amazing pastries, coffee and tea - make sure you try these if you arrive earlier or have some time to spare after the concert!


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